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Domestic polyethylene market trend analysis

2014/6/13      view:

This week (June 3-6), domestic polyethylene market slightly higher, the market atmosphere is fair, according to the monitoring business club, LLDPE gains at 1.57%, the weekend price 11900 yuan/ton, LDPE rose 1.25%, the weekend price 12250 yuan/ton, HDPE rose 0.92%, the weekend price 12300 yuan/ton.

Second, the manufacturer is dynamic

This week, petrochemical factory price is higher, repair device is more, yanshan petrochemical, jilin petrochemical part still overhaul, this week petrochemical part adjustment, linear, sinopec, north China, south China price increase 100 yuan, up and down the Middle East, south China raised its 100-200 yuan/ton, high pressure and low pressure rise in petrochemical part, fluctuates in 100 yuan/ton.

Third, market movements

This week, the domestic market of PE stalemate, weekend market has turned pale, part of the brand up or down slightly. Spot still supporting the supply of goods cost, the market price changes is limited, merchants intention for shipment. But poor downstream demand, strong wait-and-see mood, the market is difficult to get rid of the stand-off narrow consolidation pattern.

Changzhou PE market slightly arrange, cost, market high finishing, clinch a deal just to maintain a small tonnage. Linear, daqing/fushun 7042 to 11950 yuan/ton, sunup 7042 n to 12000 yuan/ton, yangzi 7042 product at 12150 yuan/ton.

Shanghai PE market slightly arrange, strong pricing of petrochemical terminal for high source resistance, poor business mentality, mission quantity is given priority to, high-pressure continue shipment upside down, low pressure goods offer primary stability, less reference quote: linear: daqing/fushun 7042 at 11900-11950 yuan/ton.

Dongguan PE market mainstream, some slightly dropped 50 yuan/ton, market overall situation general shipment, reference price: 6888 no tax 11700 yuan/ton, 9001 no tax 11750 yuan/ton, mau 2426 h without tax 11450 yuan/ton, 951-050 no tax 11550 yuan/ton, 1002 kw without tax 11350 yuan/ton.

Fourth, afternoon prediction

Business club, an analyst at Xue Jinlei believes that cost is still supported polyethylene, supply side slightly loose, although still have maintenance in petrochemical plant, but as part of driving device maintenance end face, petrochemical inventory pressure has a rising trend, the downstream demand as delicate period, factory on-demand procurement, market sentiment is still poor, low volume, affect the operation of businesses. The recent sharp decline is unlikely. The recent market is expected to maintain a stable situation.