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Stay away from the disaster of industrialization

2014/6/13      view:

Petrochemical industry can breathe a sigh of relief after the sichuan earthquake, in their clinging to the safety in production in recent years efforts are rewarded.

After wenchuan 7.8 earthquake occurred in sichuan, China petroleum and chemical industry association (hereinafter referred to as the "petrochemical association") to the disaster area after a survey on the petrochemical industry, on May 14, said in a news release, the overall look not affected by the large petrochemical industry.

But chemical products leak which may cause soil, air and water, such as secondary disasters, chemical companies are also in disaster prevention and control.

Active production from people

Look from petrochemical association now, chengdu area basic production chemical companies affected by the earthquake, deyang, mianyang and great much closer to the epicenter area most enterprise also shut down, but the area production enterprise equipment and water, not affected by the large power supply. Active production of petrochemical enterprise from people in the disaster areas, to avoid causing casualties of aftershocks.

Petrochemical association introduces, at present, there are more than 940 petrochemical enterprises in sichuan province, has three small chemical enterprises, in wenchuan county, due to the communication interrupt, now unable to contact, damage is unclear.

Chemical safety association of China (hereinafter referred to as the "association" Ann) relevant personage also told the financial times, according to their current, less affected by the disaster area of petrochemical industry, there are no big safety accident.

On May 13, China's state administration of production safety supervision and management (hereinafter referred to as the "safety administration") issued a notice, affected by the earthquake disasters of all kinds of production enterprises, especially coal mines, chemical plants, oil and gas Wells, such as production and business operation entity, to close immediately withdraw before the disaster to lift to organize production.

Said the news of the administration of work safety, affected by the earthquake, shifang city, sichuan province two chemical factory hundreds of people were buried, more than 80 tonnes of liquid ammonia leakage, at present has organized more than 6000 residents to evacuate nearby, are being mobilized rescue and fire fighting forces.

Shifang city, Ann association relevant personage says, two chemical plants are small factory, damage will not be huge. After the earthquake, the association has a number of chemical safety experts with government officials will be arranged to go to the disaster area.

At present, the source said the petrochemical industry safety factor has been greatly improved, has emergency mechanism within the enterprise, including the special geological conditions are established for the plans of the earthquake. So after the disaster occurs, relevant enterprises have to cope with comparison and freely. The source also said that sichuan province industrial scale small, does not rule out some smaller companies emergency ability is insufficient, unable to disposal before a strong earthquake, leading to a certain harm. But now the whole level of safety production of petrochemical industry has been.

On May 14, according to China central television reported that the Chinese chemical group qingping phosphate rock mining area three mine is buried, seven bring all collapsed, more than 5000 people were trapped mines, life and death is uncertain.

At present, China's national production safety emergency rescue command center has assemble 7 provinces and 1625 ambulance personnel, contact companies such as petrochina and sinopec group 9 dangerous chemicals ambulance brigade, ready to the earthquake disaster area to participate in the rescue.

Oil pipeline in oil recovery

Petrochemical industry association, said there are three in wenchuan petrochemical company was unable to get in touch, respectively is the smelting co., LTD., rich smelting co., LTD and shunfa capacitance smelting co., LTD. Maoxian county, beichuan and other communications also suspended, can't get in touch. Now the society arranged for more than ten workers, keep call day lost contact.

In addition to the above mentioned chemical group in China, China national petroleum corporation, China petrochemical group company has released news that is not too big loss.

China national petroleum corporation a lanzhou via chengdu to chongqing pipeline on May 13th suspended inspection has started running again. On May 14, the authorities said that in addition to nanchong oil refinery is in idle state, the current situation in disaster area is still in control, and no big damage report.

Two major state-owned oil companies also jointly action, have an emergency to allocate ZengGong product oil in the disaster areas for rescue urgent need. With the increase of the local rescue vehicle equipment, believe that the number of oil supply will continue to increase.

Fertilizer production pause

Petrochemical association also said that sichuan province most urea manufacturer has parking overhaul, because some manufacturers could not be reached, it is not sure whether the factory equipment all parking, driving the specific time is uncertain. In addition, at present, the most chlor-alkali enterprises in sichuan has stop check, and the dangerous chemicals liquid chlorine into the cylinder.

Urea according to petrochemical association, sichuan province in 3.46 million tons, annual production capacity and the production of urea converting in January to march, 2008, about 948000 tons, the average daily output in more than 10000 tons, that is to say if sichuan urea manufacturer parking time in 1 week, the urea production in sichuan province would reduce 7 to 80000 tons.

According to introducing, urea manufacturer product flow is mainly in sichuan province, sichuan province, and the yunnan-guizhou region of guangdong, so the manufacturer of the urea plant of parking of urea market in these areas is expected and the psychology of the market will produce great influence. And before the comprehensive factors such as rising cost of imported raw materials rise in price, transportation, the national chemical fertilizer varieties prices already taut nerves, the market and cause food prices to rise and the CPI worries.

Shaanxi and chongqing chlor-alkali enterprises have also been affected. Petrochemical association reported that westernization thermoelectric parking around 15 p.m. on May 13, the enterprise is still in the security screening, is expected to resume production within one or two days. Chongqing day, the three Yang, shaanxi jintai, north yuan chemical industry after the earthquake are also launched the emergency plan, check for device, the device running normally.